Graduate Tracking System

Date: February 5, 2017

Submitting the GTS 

New Soft for Programing and Information Technology held a meeting with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education on January 18th, 2017, to submit the GTS. The event was attended by the Assistant Deputy of Higher Education, Dr. Anwar Zakaria, Dr. Falah Kittani, Munther Salahiyat and Sa’ed Abu Ayyash, and the Legal Consultant, Khayri Hanoun from the Ministry, in addition to Ezul-Din Abu Hassan, and Anwar al-Zagharneh from the Company, besides the Project Consultant of the World Bank.

The System aims to evaluate the viability and quality of the higher education programs in the Palestinian labour market. It also publishes the outcome of the evaluation on a special electronic portal for the benefit of whoever is interested in related data. The GTS has already been applied in 49 educational organization and has received positive feedback by the users.